Octoberfest @ Treen’s!

The October Savings You'll Be Thankful For

Meatpack of the Month

20 lbs of Treen's Meat for only $109.00


(Save $10.00 on all meat packs this month!)

Don't forget about our Back to School Pack!

The Back to School Meatpack includes:

1 Bag Chicken Strips

5 lbs Regular Hot Dogs

5 lbs Smoked Sausage

5 lbs Ground Beef

4 lbs Regular/Seasoned Patties

5 lbs Chicken Breasts

1 lb Pepperoni Sticks

For ONLY $169.00


Your Fall Favourites

Featuring Treen's Beef, Pork, Chicken & Fish!

Since 1957

Treen Packers LTD


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